Text Messages Will Be Able To Replace Stamps In Sweden

Posted Mar 12, 2011

The Swedish postal system plans to allow customers to pay for postage through phone text messages instead of stamps. Denmark is also planning on launching a similar system on April 1st. Users would send a text message to the postal system number and a special code would be sent back. The code would be written down on the letter and it would be proof of paid postage.

“We’re very interested and are just now looking into a solution,” stated the head of marketing and development with the Swedish postal service Posten AB Anders ├ůsberg. There is no date set for the roll out of this service in Sweden.

The postal system in Sweden believes that the risk of forged codes is not much difference than with traditional stamps. Either way both have to be read by postal service scanners. Postal rates will not be increased as a result of the text message service.

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