Thai Hospital Bumrungrad Giving Entering Patients RTLS Tags To Track Outbreaks

Posted Apr 22, 2009

Bumrungrad International Hospital is a Bangkok, Thailand based medical facility that is planning to introduce wireless technologies throughout their campus.

Outbreaks occur frequently in hospitals because that is where people go when they are sick. To deter outbreaks from spreading throughout an entire hospital, Bumrungrad will be giving patients a Real Time Locating System (RTLS) tag to track their movements wirelessly.

“Once we have that information, we can notify the individuals accordingly so that they can get treated early on as opposed to having the symptoms show and it possibly having been too late,” stated Chang Foo, CTO of Bumrungrad.

Bumrungrad has been known to work with a range of patients for services that include a simple check-up to a complicated face-lift. The patients come to Bumrungrad from all over the world. Fortunately for Bumrungrad, the hospital has not experienced an outbreak.

A couple of years ago Bumrungrad also partnered with a company called Global Care Solutions to digitize medical records. After the Global Care deal, Microsoft Corporation decided to acquire the software company and convert it into the Microsoft Amalga Hospital Information System.

After the RTLS cards are in place, doctors will be able to check a digital chart with the latest lab test results.

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