Thank You Pulse 2.0 Sponsor: DEMO

Posted Aug 24, 2008

The DEMO event is quickly approaching.

Over the course of two days, DEMO will have 70 six-minute presentations.  By attending the event, you will be the first to see the latest, most innovative and market-defining products unveiled for the very first time.  The DEMO pavilion provides an environment to network, research, and even close some deals.  Here is where you can get a close up look at the latest trend-setting technologies.

About DEMO
DEMOfall 08 is the place to be for emerging technologies, companies, and products. DEMO has acted as a launch pad for some of today?s greatest innovations.  From TiVo, Java, E*TRADE, and Palm in the 90s to OddPost, GrandCentral, IronPort, VMware,, and Six Apart more recently, DEMO has consistently delivered products that change the dynamics of the marketplace.

In the past four years alone, DEMO companies have raised over $2.5 billion dollars following their debuts at DEMO.  About 20-25% of the companies who presented at DEMO in 2004 and 2005 have been acquired by companies by the likes of Cisco, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Motorola, Viacom, Symantec, and Nokia.

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