The $1,000 iPhone App BarMax Plans To Launch NY Version

Posted Jun 22, 2010

BarMax is an iPhone application that costs $1,000, but is worth the money according to buyers.  This application helps law students pass the bar exam in California.  Now BarMax plans to use the same model for law students in New York.  Each state has separate bar exams.

According to BarMax chairman Mike Ghaffary, New York and California covers almost half of all bar exam test takers.  The New York version of the app will be called BarMax NY.

Over 100 students have downloaded the application so far, generating $100,000 in revenue.  These 100 sales has made the venture profitable according to Ghaffary.  The app has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating in the App Store.  One of the reasons for the high rating is because BarMax is about 1/3-1/4th the price of competitor BarBri.  BarBri has been the go-to bar exam test prep service for over a decade.

BarMax plans to launch in Texas, Florida, and Illinois in the near future too.