The $130 Archos TV Connect Lets You Access Google Play Apps On Your TV

Posted Jan 29, 2013

The Archos TV Connect gadget adds full touch integration to your TV with the Revolutionary TV Touch remote.  The remote has a pointer system that lets you control your TV just like you control your tablet.  It has full multi-touch gesture support to control your apps easily with Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Rotate features.  The remote has a full keyboard with Android shortcuts.

The Archos TV Connect can connect to Google Play so that you can access all of your favorite games and play them using full gaming controls and dual analog thumbsticks.

Based in France, Archos is known for building cheap and usable gadgets and the TV Connect is no exception as it retails for only $130.  The TV Connect is a bar that sits on top of your TV and connects to it through HDMI.  The controller is powered with two AA batteries.

The bar has microSD and USB support so you can add attached storage to it.  Otherwise it comes with 8GB of internal storage.  You can stream video through your local network, which is supported with the Archos Video app.  To learn more about TV Connect, visit Archos.

[Image Credit: Archos]