The 2 Best GreaseMonkey Scripts For Active Digg Users

Posted Aug 25, 2008

There are a couple of problems I have with the current Digg interface has just been solved by a couple of developers.

Problem #1: Do My Friends Digg Me?
The first problem I have with Digg is that I don’t know whether my Digg friends are interested in the stories I submit or not.  To find out who Dugg my stories, I have to manually check each story, click on who dugg the story tab, and then search for each user manually.  Also, why should I share stories with people that aren’t even active on the site anymore?

This is no longer the case because DiggBoss created an application using the Google App Engine that runs on GreaseMonkey that helps you check which users Dugg your last 15 stories.  Below is a screen shot of how it works:

Notice how Tomboys in Fishnets and philostrato enjoy my stories half the time.  But Adam, Ivan, and Miguel are either not as interested or simply aren’t that active on Digg.  This is a great way to analyze your popularity on Digg too.  If you’re friends spend a lot of time Digging your stories that means that you are on the right track for becoming a top 100 popular user.

This script also works on the pages that show who your Fans are.  The script will show you how many stories your Fans have Dugg out of the last 15 stories you submitted.  This is great for seeing who should be more of a friend than others.

When clicking the link that says (#/15), a new tab or window opens that shows which stories that the specific Digg user has Dugg.  This helps analyze even further which type of stories that Digg users prefer.

This script is available at:

Problem #2: Too Many Shouts!
The problem with Digg Shouts is that if you have a good number of friends that love sending shouts, your e-mail inbox fills up fast and users become overwhelmed.  Digg has a page within your profiles that shows the incoming shouts that you have received.  But in order to Digg the story, first you have to click the Digg story button, wait for that page to reload, then hit the Digg button, and then go back to the incoming shouts page.

Supposedly, there is new GreaseMonkey script that automatically adds a working Digg button to the incoming shouts page.

Update: I actually omitted the information for where it is located because it could result in getting your account banned.  See the comments below.

The intention of this blog post is to make your Digg experience more productive.  I’m not suggesting these tips in order to game the system.  Digg On!