The 4iiii Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor Connects Wirelessly To the iPhone

Posted Jan 26, 2013

4iiii Innovations Inc. is a company that develops technology around sports performance.  4iiii’s Sportiiiis glasses product has color LEDs and voice prompts to guide you to personal target presets as you jog.  The company has launched a new product called the Viiiiva.  The Viiiiva is a chest strap that monitors heart rates with support for popular fitness apps like RunKeeper, Training Peaks, and Runtastic.  The Viiiiva syncs with Bluetooth and ANT+ to deliver data to your iPhone or iPod.  The Viiiiva is the first ANT+ device to sync iOS devices without the use of an adapter.  The Viiiiva will be available soon for the price of $79.  [Source: The Verge]