The Apple iPhone 5 Will Have Separate GSM and CDMA Versions

Posted Sep 13, 2012

Yesterday we wrote the full specs about the iPhone 5, but what we forgot to leave out was that there will be separate CDMA and GSM versions of the iPhone.  This is different from the iPhone 4S because that device has both wireless protocols in the same chassis.  The A1428 GSM model and A1429 CDMA model supports both LTE, HSPA+, and DC-HSPA, but they do so on different bands for the various carriers.

Apple’s A1429 model has support for more GSM bands than the A1428 version.  Based on the specs that are provided by Apple, the A1428 will be on AT&T and Canadian operators while the A1429 will be on Sprint and Verizon in the U.S. and KDDI in Japan.  The GSM A1429 model supports LTE on bands 1,3, and 5 and will most likely be available in the UK, Australia, Germany, Korea, and Japan.

The last time that Apple had separate models was when the CDMA version of the iPhone 4 was announced in February 2011.  What this essentially means is that it will not be easy to move your iPhone 5 from one carrier to another.