The Apple Lightning Port Assigns Pins Based On The Direction You Plug It Into The iPhone 5

Posted Sep 25, 2012

The new Apple Lightning cable helps solve the problem of plugging it in any direction in the iPhone 5.  So how does it work?  Peter Bradstock of Double Helix Cables told AppleInsider.

Take top pin 2 for example,? said Bradstock in an e-mail.  ?It is contiguous, electrically, with bottom pin 2. So, as the plug is inserted into the iPhone, if you have the cable in one way, pin 2 would go into the left side of the jack, flip it the other way and the same pair of pins is going to match up with the other side of the jack (as the electrical contacts in the iPhone?s jacks are along the bottom).

So the pins move based on the way you plug it in.  That is pretty cool.