The BBC Releases A Free Weather App For Android and iOS

Posted Jun 10, 2013

The BBC  has been providing us with weather reports ever since the 1920s.  Now the BBC has released their own weather apps for iOS and Android called BBC Weather.  These apps join other BBC apps in their portfolio like their News, iPlayer, and Sports app.

The BBC weather app has a clean and simple design.  You can search for locations or use your current location to pull up weather information.  There are hourly forecasts with detailed information for the next 48 hours (UK) or look further ahead with 3 hour forecasts (UK and International).  Tapping on each hour gives you detailed information like pressure, visibility, and humidity.  The day overview includes sunrise/sunset times, UV, pollen, and pollution information.  Swiping vertically will let you view your favorite locations.  The Android version is optimized for the user interface and the new Navigation Drawer.

“Up to 10 of your location searches are stored automatically in the app so you can quickly view them in the location panel, or by swiping up and down to scroll through your list,” said Liz Howell, the head of BBC Weather.

BBC is not the only media company that has released a new weather app recently.  A couple of months ago, Yahoo! released a gorgeous new weather app that is tightly integrated with Flickr.