The benefits of New Relic’s real-time analytics platform (sponsored)

Posted Mar 30, 2014

Earlier this month, New Relic announced a real-time analytics service called New Relic Insights. New Relic Insights is able to collect, store, and present data directly from modern software and transforms it into insight about customers and applications. New Relic Insights processes trillions of events from web and mobile software to allow customers to quickly answer the most important business questions. New Relic Insights uses the company’s signature Big Data database platform and is based on a software-as-a-service model.

Making business decision using heaps of data can be very complicated and time-consuming. New Relic Insights makes collecting valuable business data easier. New Relic has intelligent agents that collect data in real time to make it easier to query at the same speed (real-time). The data is stored in a super-cluster and is delivered in easy-to-understand visualizations.

In one week alone, New Relic Insights collected 316 billion events and queried 87.9 trillion events with a median response time of 16 milliseconds. In every minute, New Relic Insights queried 2.52 billion events and collected 27.6 million events.

Cure International and Yellow Pages are customers of New Relic Insights. Cure International uses New Relic Insights to analyze and inter ate feature changes to its website and donor experience using A/B testing. Yellow Pages uncovers major insights about its properties and is a valuable tool for its tech and marketing teams.

New Relic’s data is accessible through the New Relic Query Language (NRQL) and a set of RESTful APIs. When this is combined with JSON, it will be easier for apps to share analytics results. NRQL is a language that can automatically generate data visualizations.

What types of questions can New Relic Insights answer? For e-commerce companies, it can answer questions like “what is our revenue by geography” and “how many unique visitors completed checkouts?”

You can create a free account and get two weeks of full access to all of its products, including Insights. Insights is available in beta and is free for a limited time with 7 days of data storage.

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