The Best Android Golf Apps

Posted Dec 3, 2012

Golf is a game of precision and patience.  There is a lot of strategy involved in the game and it is known for being a sport associated with major business deals.  The goal is to get the lowest number of strokes individually.  Practice is important to get better at the game.  There are a number tools that you can use to improve your game.  Below is a list of the best Android golf apps:

FreeCaddie Pro – The FreeCaddie Pro app is a golf rangefinder solution for your mobile phone.  The app lets you measure the length of the distances to front, center, and back of every green.  It also measures the distances to hazards, bunkers, doglegs, start of fairways, and end of fairways.  The app measures shots, scores, and statistics.  There is unlimited course downloading and storage.  No subscription fees are associated with the app.  Cost: $5.95

Golf Channel Mobile – The Golf Channel Mobile app lets you read the latest articles, blogs, and analysis about some of the professional golfers.  You can follow your favorite players in the week’s tournaments and follow leader boards from major worldwide tours.  You can also watch golf news videos and instructional videos from the world’s best instructors.  Cost: Free

GolfLogix – GolfLogix is one of the top Android apps that has millions of active members worldwide.  GolfLogix has free precise GPS distances on 30,000+ golf courses and free course imagery.  The app also has free handicap tracking and live leaderboards, tournaments, and virtual challenges.  You can set and see daily pin positions.  The Club Distance Grid shows where all of your clubs should land.  The app has precise GPS distances to all of the key hazards and layups.  There is a zoomed-in green view and calorie counter in the app too.  Cost: Free

GPSCaddy – GPSCaddy is an app that has a scorecard and GPS measuring distance feature.  The app lets you survey the court and record information.  When playing on the course, you can use the app to measure average distance, course recording, map the report of shot point, and pole performance report. Cost: Free

iSwing Golf Swing Analyzer – iSwing is an app that lets you self-diagnose your golf swing with frame-by-frame analysis.  The app lets you spot your swing plane, tempo, head position, and club alignment.  The app has slow-motion replay and side-by-side comparison to PGA Tour Pros.  The recording length is around 4 seconds and the timer has 8, 12, and 14 seconds with 30 FPS capture.  You can also e-mail the videos to yourself.  Cost: $4.99

SkyDroid Golf GPS – The SkyDroid Golf GPS app is helps you lower your scores.  The SkyDroid app is a full-featured GPS rangefinder that shows your distance to the front, center, and back of every green with hazards and targets.  You can find your distance to any point on the golf course with just the press of a finger.  There is a satellite view of every golf course plus scoring and statistics.  Over 22,000 golf courses have been mapped on the app.  Cost: $1.99

Swing By Swing Golf – The Swing by Swing Golf GPS app on Android is an accurate and reliable golf GPS range finder tool.  The app has a full-featured GPS rangefinder that shows the distance to center of green and every obstacle on the course.  It also has a free golf scorecard to keep score of your team.  Around 35,000 courses are mapped in the system and there are graphs and stats so that you can watch your game improve.  You can view a satellite photo of the hole that you are playing.  You can also zoom in and touch anywhere to get distance from you to that point.  Cost: Free