The Best Way To Cut Grass Is Using The Husqvarna Panthera Leo Mower

Posted Jun 14, 2009

Mowing the lawn is never a fun activity unless it is mostly automated.  One of the most fun and fully-automated ways to mow the lawn will most likely be performed by using the Husqvarna Panthera Leo Mower.  This lawn mower is electric-powered and is made out of recycled materials.

The Husqvarna also has an LCD monitor and sensors built in.  The LCD uses the sensors to report how fast you are going and what height you should mow the lawn at.  The LCD also reports if you’re about to go up or down a hill or if you are able to smash into some sort of object.  This might be useful for those of you that are accident-prone.

Although the Panthera Leo is a concept, the company said that they plan on taking a similar concept to production within the next 5 years.

[via Jalopnik]