The “Breaking Bad” App Can Turn Your Name Into A Chemical Element

Posted Jul 10, 2013

The popular TV show Breaking Bad title sequence has the symbols from the periodic table for bromine (Br) and barium (Ba) serve as the front of the words for the name of the Emmy award winning series.  AMC is getting ready to air the last season of the show next month so the channel launch the Breaking Bad Name Lab app so that fans of the show can create images with symbols for their own names using elements from the periodic table.

The app launched on June 26th.  Over 1.4 million people have used the Facebook application and 20,000 of them accessed the app within the first four minutes.  Breaking Bad gained around 80,000 Facebook fans since the app launched, which puts them at 4.7 million.  The Name Lab application can be accessed from the Breaking Bad Facebook Page and  Users can click “Get Started” to automatically generate a personalized period table name.  Breaking Bad fans can select an option to download the cover photo or profile picture to use for their Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest profiles.  The image also includes the hashtag #allbadthingsmustcometoanend.

“We launched the app to complement the tease campaign that is out in the marketplace now, ‘All Bad Things Must Come to An End,'” stated AMC SVP of marketing Gina Hughes. “We wanted to give the fans a unique and organic way to engage with the series and build excitement for the final eight episodes, which premiere this summer.”