The Chevrolet Bow Tie Logo Turns 100 Years Old

Posted Jul 19, 2013

The General Motors car brand Chevrolet has a logo that resembles a bow tie.  All 215 million of the Chevy vehicles that have hit the road had this logo stamped on it.  The bow tie logo has now turned 100 years old.

General Motors founder William C. Durant introduced the bow tie logo in 1914 on two Chevrolet models.  There are several stories about how GM came up with the logo.  One story brings up that the bow tie logo was drawn by Durant’s daughter one night.  Another story says that Durant came up with the logo idea when he was reading the newspaper and stumbled upon an idea.

Ken Kaufmann, a historian and editor of The Chevrolet Review looked up the November 12, 1911 edition of the Atlanta Constitution.  The newspaper contained an advertisement for the Southern Compressed Coal Company.  Southern is known for producing a fuel called “Coalettes.”  The Coalettes logo has the same shape as the Chevy logo.

According to USA Today, the bow tie logo first appeared in a Chevrolet ad in the October 2, 1913 edition in The Washington Post.  The ad asked buyers to “look for this nameplate.”