The City Of New York Begins To Install Wireless Water Meters

Posted Mar 30, 2009

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced on Tuesday that the city of New York will be installing automated water meter systems.  This is because the city failed to gather tens of millions of dollars in overdue water bills because of an inefficient record-keeping system.  Sometimes the meters that were installed are never read.

The whole water system will be powered by wireless technology.  The water meters will send data wirelessly on a monthly basis.  Through this new technology, the city of New York will be able to get rid of a contract that costs about $3.6 million per year.

Residents could save a lot of money because the water system will be able to report if there are leaks that need repair.  Individuals and businesses will be able to save $90 million annually.  The whole system will cost about $250 million altogether.  The new water system has started being built Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

[via NYT]