The City Of San Francisco Files Lawsuit Against FlightCar

Posted Jul 1, 2013

The city of San Francisco is suing FlightCar, a startup that is run by three teenagers.  The goal of the startup is to make use of vehicles that are sitting at an airport not being used.  When traveling, FlightCar uses can allow other people to use their vehicles rather than keeping it i the parking lot in exchange for a profit, free airport parking, and a car wash.

The founders of FlightCar are Rujul Zaparde (18), Kevin Petrovic (19), and Shri Ganeshram (19).  FlightCar is popular amongst their users.  Some of the cars that have been rented out include Lotus vehicles and Porsches.  Around 1,400 customers have used the service in the last few months.

The city and airport offices filed the lawsuit against FlightCar, citing that FlightCar is undercutting other firms by acting like a rental company.  The officials said that FlightCar is ignoring the regulations that are a part of being a rental company.  The city wants to shut down FlightCar until they adhere to regulations including a special drop-off and pick-up area.  FlightCar is also expected to pay 10% of earnings to the airport and a fee of $20 per rental.