The Contortionist Is A Bike That Can Fold Into The Size Of A Wheel

Posted Aug 8, 2009

The problem with riding around in a bike is the storage space required when carrying them around in cars, buses, or offices. The Contortionist eliminates that concern because it can literally fold into the size of a wheel itself.

The Contortionist was invented by 24 year old Dominic Hargreaves of Battersea, London. He decided to design The Contortionist because he was not quite satisfied another type of folding bike that he already owned.

Hargreaves was not satisfied with his own folding bike so he designed his own. The bike is still in concept stages as of right now, but The Contortionist is in the running for a £10,000 James Dyson award.

The handlebars and the bicycle body are tucked between the two 26″ wheels. The inventor of The Contortionist was 24 year old student in Battersea, London Dominic Hargreaves.

[via EveryJoe]