The Daily iPad Newspaper Takes A Long Time To Load?

Posted Feb 5, 2011

John Gruber has subscribed to The Daily iPad newspaper. He reported that he read three issues over the last three days and his opinion about it has declined because of the load time involved. Gruber said that from the time he tapped the icon until the issue fully loaded, it took one minute and twenty seconds on Wi-Fi.

“There?s nothing the actual content or interface of the app can do to make up for the fact that it takes way too long to see anything at all. Imagine a paper newspaper that was wrapped in an envelope, and the envelope was so difficult to open that it took over a minute before you could see the front page of the issue,” wrote Gruber in a blog post. The New York Times iPad app takes about 25 seconds to load and Flipboard took seven seconds.

Personally I don’t think that Gruber made a valid point here because to read a new newspaper, we have to wait 24 hours. And in many major cities, the newspapers aren’t available every day anymore. For example, my local newspaper is only available in paper format on Thursdays and Sundays. If you don’t like the load time or price associated with higher quality content, unsubscribe. As a content reader you also have the choice whether or not you want to keep reading this blog or subscribing to it.