The Daily Show Covers iFart-Pull My Finger Feud

Posted Jul 24, 2009

A correspondent at The Daily Show decided to cover the iFart and Pull My Finger legal battle recently in a parody form. Joel Comm of iFart and Eric Stratton of Pull My Finger was interviewed by The Daily Show.

The parent company of iFart is InfoMedia and the parent company of Pull My Finger is Air-O-Matic.

Stratton said that iFart ripped his application idea off and used the expression Pull My Finger in the description to misdirect consumers into finding iFart instead. iFart made over $40,000 in the first 2 days when hitting the top of iTunes.

The best part of the interview was the Daily Show correspondent’s reply to the MC Hammer application that Joel Comm talked about. Watch the video clip above to find out what he says.