The Daily Show With Jon Stewart: Congress Holds A Virtual Meeting In Second Life

Posted Apr 9, 2008

Some good quotes from the clip:
Susan Tenby (mini-clip): “I’ve submitted my full statement to the committee to be part of the permanent record. And my avatar name is Glitteractica Cookie.”
Jon Stewart (responding to the mini-clip): “All this time I’ve wondered why I had to settle for GlitteracticaCookie-2. DAMN YOU, TENBY!! DAMN you!! But not only was this the first Congressional hearing held about virtual world, it was also the first one held in one. The simulcast live video of the event in a virtual Second Life hearing room. As you can see the distinguished company included a winged goth nympy, a business man with giant lizard hair, and the distinguished Congress woman hooker in a red cocktail dress (D) California.”

Information Source:
[1] ValleyWag: Jon Stewart mocks Congress for discussing Second Life by Jackson West