The Decline Of RIM Continues.

Posted Sep 24, 2012

Every time Research In Motion is hit with an outage, it serves as a reminder to consumers that it may be time to switch to an Android or an iPhone.  Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5 devices in one weekend and RIM is struggling to push 8 million BlackBerrys in a bit under a year.  According to The Globe and Mail, analysts are saying that RIM will announce zero growth during this week’s Q2 conference call on Thursday.

RIM will likely announce a loss in enterprise customers, but will have an increase in the international market.  That international expansion will not be good enough to offset the loss in subscribers within their own home country and the United States though.  National Bank Financial analyst Kris Thompson said ?Starting next quarter, we see the sub base in a downward spiral with BlackBerry 10 potentially slowing [the losses], but we?re not holding our breath.?

Consumers have been very patient with RIM, but it may be time for the company to sell to a private equity company or a bigger technology company.  I’m sure their patents could be valuable too.