The Digg Of Design Websites Sells For $14,500

Posted Feb 23, 2012

Chris Spooner, the founder of, has sold the website for $14,500 on Flippa. DesignBump is a 4 year old community of designers and bloggers that submit design related content in a way that is similar to Digg and Reddit. The website is basically on auto-pilot. The site is also known for having external voting buttons that people can put on their website using an iframe. Essentially the website had a lot of potential and I am pretty surprised that is sold for so little.

DesignBump has 17,077 registered users, but Spooner closed down the registration about 6 months ago. He got requests everyday to reopen the registration so he suspects that the user numbers and visits would increase significantly if registration was reopened.

He only kept one ad on the website (250×250 banner) in the top right column. The ad sold for $200 and was always filled when it was available. He took the website down after he stopped putting time into the website. Spoon is confident that if he put BuySellAds on DesignBump, the CPM would be between $1 and $3. Placing 6 125×125 ads in the right side bar could add over $1,000 per month in revenue pretty easily. DesignBump received 90,000 pageviews in the past month as verified by Google Analytics.