The FCC Approves Google Android On HTC Dream Phone, To Be Available Through T-Mobile In November

Posted Aug 18, 2008

The FCC has given clearance to the Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android powered phone.  The release date of the phone is expected to be November 10, 2008.  The phone will be available on T-Mobile and will be powered on the HTC Dream.

The FCC documents have a request from HTC that the Commission grants them a request short-term confidentiality on design attachments until November 10 according to VentureBeat.  The phone could also be released sooner, but given the request it is expected to launch in November, just-in-time for the holiday season.

Google Android will be touch screen, just like the iPhone.  The Android blog also states that they are releasing the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) later today.  Here is what is included in the new SDK:

* First and most obviously, the new Home screen is included, along with a ton of UI changes for 1.0.
* Some new applications are included: an Alarm Clock, Calculator, Camera, Music player, Picture viewer, and Messaging (for SMS/MMS conversations.)
* Several new development tools were added, such as a graphical preview for XML layouts for users of Eclipse, and a tool for constructing 9-patch images.
* Since we’ve got a new Home screen application now, we thought the now-obsolete version from the M5 early-look SDK might be helpful to developers, so its source is included as a sample.
* A number of new APIs are fleshed out and improved, and others are now close to their final forms for 1.0.
* Tons of bugs were fixed, of course. (If you had problems with the MediaPlayer, try it now!)