The first death in a Model S involved car theft

Posted Jul 12, 2014

This past week, a stolen Tesla Model S vehicle crashed into a synagogue before it split in half and caught on fire. The driver of the vehicle was traveling very fast and succumbed to injuries from the accident. Joshua Michael Flot, 26, of Inglewood, California died after he was thrown out from the Tesla Model S, according to Ed Winters, a public information officer at the Los Angeles County Coroner?s office.

After Flot stole the vehicle, the police chased after him in a high speed chase. Flot drove at speeds that hit close to 100MPH said Tesla spokeswoman Liz Jarvis-Shean. ?We are saddened by the harm that resulted from the July 4th theft and crash in Los Angeles. We are assisting the authorities as needed as they continue their investigations,? said Jarvis-Shean in an e-mail statement to The Verge.

The high speed chase was called off at the police vehicles crashed in a separate accident. This left the police department strained for resources and could not feasibly catch up to Slot. Slot did not slow down even after the police called off the chase. He continued to speed and collided with 3 other vehicles and a pair of street poles. The front section of the vehicle ended up in the middle of the road and caught on fire. The rear portion of the car flew through the air and slammed into the side of the synagogue. Five other people were injured in the incident, but they have been released from treatment.

The emergency responders believed that Slot was already dead when they arrived at the scene. However, he was still alive at the time because of the safety features in the vehicle. Slot was alive and was briefly resuscitated on the way to the hospital. However, he ended up succumbing to the injuries and died.

This year, Tesla Motors said it would add a titanium shield to the Model S to prevent battery fires. There was nothing that Tesla Motors could have done to prevent this crash because the driver went at reckless speeds.