The first Samsung Tizen smartphone is launching in Japan this March

Posted Jan 11, 2014

Samsung Electronics has plans to launch a Tizen smartphone in Japan this March. It is believed that they will be partnering with NTT DoCoMo to launch the first Tizen smartphone. Tizen is an open-source operating system. Before the release date, a smartphone powered by Tizen will be showcased at Mobile World Congress next month.


Tizen was supposed to launch last year, but there was delays in perfecting the software. In terms of a U.S. launch, Samsung has no plans on bringing devices with Tizen here anytime soon. Tizen is a Linux-based mobile operating system that is being built by the Linux Foundation, Intel, Samsung, and Tizen Association.

?The U.S. market is pretty mature,? stated Samsung executive Ryan Bidan in an interview with Fierce Wireless. ?Bringing a new entrant here that doesn?t meet a certain performance bar would be a challenge. Recognizing that, we don?t want to set ourselves up for failure.?