The Fresh 20: An Online Tool To Reduce Processed Food Consumption

Posted Sep 8, 2013

The Fresh 20 is a startup that teaches you how to make 5 family dinners with 20 ingredients.  The company is profitable and is making seven-figures per year.  The company was founded by Melissa Lanz, whom also wrote a book called The Fresh 20.

“People generally believe that they do not have enough time to cook.  This is why they often eat processed and frozen foods.  This also causes wasted money on unused groceries,” said Lanz in an interview with Pulse 2.0.

The Fresh 20 started with $2,500 and a list of 400 subscribers in April 2010.  Today there are over 100K The Fresh 20 subscribers.  The company also saw 600% growth last year compared to the year before.

Previously, Lanz worked as global interactive director for Fortune 500 companies.  She also worked on and off the technology industry for around 15 years.

Lanz says the corporate world was causing her to burn out.  She initially wanted to stay away from the technology world, but then she started playing around with subscription plugins on WordPress and saw technology as a bridge to healthy eating.

“Our goal is to reduce dependence on processed food,” added Lanz.  A publisher came to Lanz about a book to break-down recipes to 20 ingredients for 5 meals which led to The Fresh 20 Cookbook. Still, Lanz focuses on generating content using word-of-mouth marketing.  Happy subscribers tell stories.