The Giken Company’s Eco-Park Stores Bikes In An Unorthodox Fashion

Posted Feb 24, 2009

Does someone keep stealing your Huffy? The Giken Company in Japan has devised a way to safely store bicycles within a facility without the need for a lock. The Giken “Eco-park” has the bike owner place their wheels on a runway and then swipe an ID card. The ID card has a monthly fee.

Once the machine identifies the person, the bike is fulled into the garage and the doors close immediately. Each garage has about 144 rails for the bikes and they must abide within a certain size. Tire size can’t be any bigger than 28 inches.

Setting up an eco-park in Japan takes about 50 working days to build. The cylinder wall structure is about 23 ft. in diameter and can handle earthquakes. Giken has created a similar system for cars too. The cylinder wall structure for the cars are about 63 ft. in diameter.

[via Wired]