The Google Chromebook Pixel Laptop Has A 12.85″ Touchscreen

Posted Feb 21, 2013

Google has announced the latest laptop in their Chromebook line of products.  The Google Chromebook Pixel has a 12.85″ high-density 2560 x 1700 screen (4.3 million pixels) and 3:2 aspect ratio.  The Pixel also has an Intel Core i5 processor and 1TB of free storage on Google Drive for 3 years.  The screen includes a 0.55mm layer of touch-enabled Gorilla Glass, which gives you smooth interactions while preserving the picture quality that is comparable to Apple’s Retina Display.  More details below:

One of the types of Pixel laptops will have a built-in LTE radio.  The company partnered with Verizon to offer 100MB per month for 2 years of mobile broadband and with GoGo to offer 12 free WiFi sessions when on a plane.  The Pixel’s screen has a pixel density of 239 pixels per inch (ppi).  This is higher than the 220 pixels per inch on the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

The Pixel has 3 microphones to help cancel out background noise and it has a 720p webcam to offer a clear picture of you when using Google+ Hangouts and Skype.

The WiFI version of the Pixel retails for $1,299 and is available on Google Play.  Google is also going to be selling the Pixel at Best Buy and Currys PC World in the U.K. starting tomorrow.  The LTE version of the Pixel will cost $1,449 and will ship in the United States starting in April.  The LTE version will have a 64GB SSD hard drive and the WiFi-version will have a 32GB SSD hard drive.

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