The HAPIfork Reminds You To Slow Down When Eating Too Fast

Posted Jan 16, 2013

At CES 2013, HAPIlabs announced a product called the HAPIfork.  The HAPIfork is a “smart fork” that has a Bluetooth radio, vibration motor, and a capacitive sensor.  Every time the fork goes in your mouth, a sensor is triggered.  The HAPIfork measures your bites on the app.  If you eat too quickly, then the fork will vibrate to remind you to slow down.  HAPIlabs said that eating too fast is the reason why weight is gained.  Supposedly owning this product will help you lose weight.  The HAPIfork comes with a a mobile app that tracks every bite, when your meal begins, and how long each fork duration is.  The fork costs $99.99 and it will be available in Q2.  The Bluetooth version will arrive in Q3.