The Happenings At MacWorld

Posted Jan 16, 2008

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc. introduced a new laptop at Macworld this year called the MacBook Air.  This is the thinnest laptop in the world as of right now and can even fit in an interoffice mailing envelope.  The starting price is about $1,799 and is releasing to the market in 2 weeks.  Below is a picture of the laptop:

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The laptop has an iSight webcam built-in and has a sleek black keyboard over an aluminum touch.  The notebook determines brightness with a light sensor and the keyboard has a backlight.  The MacBook Air has a Intel Core 2 Duo chip and runs on 1.6GHz.  But the noteboook does not have an internal optical drive.  As almost every other new MacBook, the screen is sharp.

However, the MacBook Air has some drawbacks.  There will be external optical drives available for the purpose of reading and writing CDs and DVDs at a price of about $99.  There is also only one USB drive available in the laptop, so splitters wil be needed for multiple peripherals.

Other announcements made by Steve Jobs at MacWorld this year includes  Apple TV’s price drop from $299 to $229.  And Apple made a deal with FOX to add shows to the TV product.  Apple TV now supports Flickr as well.  Apple TV faetures a one button interface to bring in iTunes rentals to Apple TV.  Apple TV does not require a computer but has built-in rental support.  On iTunes, there will be 1,000 films by the end of February available and will have films 30 days after their DVD releases.  iTunes Movie Rentals has movies available through partnerships with every major studio.

There is a new iPhone OS available and the iPod Touch has 5 new applications.  There is a new iPhone OS available and the iPod Touch has 5 new applications.  Google Maps has an app on the iPhone.  The predictions were fairly accurate and the stock market did not react too kindly, but I’m sure a lesson was learned for Apple.  Keep innovating. I’m also quite surprised that at MacWorld, there wasn’t much emphasis on software created by Apple itself.  I think Safari for Windows was a big win for Apple this year, but I don’t think it was mentioned at all at MacWorld.