The Happy Cloud Raises $4.25 Million In Series A

Posted May 23, 2013

The Happy Cloud is a “cloud gaming” infrastructure company that has raised $4.25 million in funding led by Avalon Ventures.  Jesselson Capital and Shaman Ventures also participated in this round.  The Happy Cloud has been in stealth mode since 2011.


The Happy Cloud said that users that download games through their publisher companies that they have partnered with can start playing them instantly while the full game download finishes in the background.  The Happy Cloud has raised a total of $7 million in funding.  The Happy Cloud also recently hired Tamir Buchler as the new CEO of the company.

?Happy Cloud adds unparalleled value to the gaming ecosystem by eliminating barriers to entry and giving users what they want,? said Buchler. ?By offering free on-demand access to the best high-end games, we can bring new gamers on board, increase conversions and keep gamers engaged. Happy Cloud is a scalable solution that can effect change in the same way iTunes and Netflix have transformed media consumption by offering seamless, instant access.?

Happy Cloud offers server-based distribution to consoles, PCs, and Android publishers.  The company will use the funding to expand their services.