The History of Auto-Tune As Explained By Weird Al and Friends [Video]

Posted Nov 17, 2009

Harold “Dr. Andy” Hildebrand is credited for inventing auto-tune. Auto-tune is an audio plugin that is used to help correct the off-pitch vocals of a singer. Hildebrand used sound waves for locating oil reserves. Hildebrand discovered that these same sound waves can be used for music too.

One of the first users of vocal effects for auto-tune in entertainment was Cher’s producers. The song used was “Believe” by Cher. In 2005, T-Pain began using auto-tune for vocals in every single song he made. Soon many other artists started using auto-tune. Auto-tune became so overused that many parodies were made.

In the video above, there is an auto-tune parody added to a baby crying, a cat meowing, and Winston Churchill. Many unmusical things on the Internet had been given auto-tune. The report was put together by RocketBoom.