The HTC Hero For Sprint Gets Reviewed

Posted Sep 17, 2009

Several publications have received test units of the HTC Hero and reviews have been flying around to-and-fro. Navigation of the operating system is controlled by a white tracking ball towards the bottom of the phone. The buttons are also integrated into the metallic base of the phone.

The camera in the phone is 5 megapixel which allows you to take high-resolution photos while you’re on the go. This is an awesome feature to have when sending TwitPics of things you want to show your followers. The phone also runs on Sprint’s 3G network. The Hero won’t be able to run on AT&T or T-Mobile because it does not have a SIM card slot. For memory expansion, there is a microSD card slot.

The phone kit also has an NFL widget which is exclusive for Sprint. The phone also has a couple of NASCAR apps and the Sprint Navigator feature. The phone does not come with the Sprint TV icon on the homepage. But the Amazon MP3 store icon shows up on the homepage. CrunchGear reported that browsing e-mail was a breeze, but tethering systems are disabled on the phone.

The camera and camcorder are pretty standard but the autofocus works very well. The phone also handles contacts very well. The Palm Pre struggles to absorb over 100 contacts from Google and Facebook, but the Hero had no issue absorbing 300+ contacts for CrunchGear editor John Biggs. The phone runs on the Google Android operating system and costs about $180 when signing a 2 year contract with Sprint.