The Huffington Post Buys Out From InterActiveCorp

Posted Jan 13, 2009

The Huffington Post raised about $25 million in funding at the beginning of December.  As you may recall, HuffPo had a record breaking amount of traffic during election season.  Now they are getting into the acquisition game by buying out (known as 23/6). is a comedy website that was created in November 2007 as a partnership between Huffington Post and InterActiveCorp.

This acquisition indicates that The Huffington Post wants to seek other avenues of potential revenue and not just straight commentary. receives roughly 2 million unique visitors per month.  HuffPo gets about 16 million.   Through the acquisition, content made for 23/6 will be added to a comedy section of The Huffington Post.

“After a successful first year as a standalone comedy site we are excited to bring 236 into The Huffington Post as we launch our comedy vertical,” stated Arianna Huffington, co-founder of Huffington Post. “We look forward to creating a section that serves not only as a one-stop-shop for humor with a satirical take on the news but a spirited community for all comedy lovers.”

[via CNET]