The iMac Turns 10. Where Were You When You Saw The Original iMac?

Posted Aug 16, 2008

It’s been 10 years since Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) shipped their first iMac.  The success of the iMac is the epitome of Apple’s strength as a hardware and software company today.  The iMac has evolved into four different shapes since the start.  The original iMac G3 was an egg-shaped desktop that came with CRT monitors closed within several different plastic colors.  Then the next revision was the iMac G4.  The base of the iMac G4 was hemispherical in shape and had a movable LCD monitor.

A few years after the iMac G4, Apple brought us the iMac G5, powered by Intel.  The whole computer was built into the large-sized monitor and even had an iSight webcam built-in.  The success of all of these iMacs lead up to the current iMac design and several innovative laptops like the Macbook Air. 

Question for the Pulse 2.0 readers
My nostalgic question to all Pulse 2.0 readers and Mac fans is where were you saw the iMac for the first time?  I was in high school and was lucky that they introduced the iMac to our library catalog system right away.  The iMac was also added to my high school’s Graphic Communications classes.

I spent many hours researching papers on the Internet on the original iMac in the library.  In my Graphic Communications classes, some of the projects we had to do was create business cards, newsletters, t-shirt designs, and pamphlets using Quark Xpress. 

Happy Anniversary iMac and congrats to Apple.