The iPad Mini Has Stereo Speakers

Posted Nov 1, 2012

Apple Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller has confirmed that the Apple iPad Mini has stereo speakers.  Apple did not reveal the details on their website because it just says “built-in speaker” for the iPad.  It did not help when posted a comparison chart between the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad Mini that said the iPad Mini has a single speaker (screenshot below).

A reader with 9to5Mac e-mailed Phil Schiller to find out whether the iPad Mini has stereo speakers or not and he got a response.

Hi Mr. Schiller, 

I understand the tech specs about iPad Mini online should cover everything, but the tech specs online neither confirm or deny the rumors of iPad Mini?s speakers being stereo. Is it possible to get confirmation from the man himself as to whether these are mono or stereo?

Mr. Schiller responded:

?It is stereo? 

The e-mail was confirmed authentic.  Amazon ended up removing the comparison ad from their homepage shortly after posting it: