The iPhone 5: a Mobile Photographer’s Dream?

Posted Aug 9, 2011

There’s an entire pane on my phone dedicated to photo apps, because I’m the kind of person mobile photo apps are designed to target. If TechCrunch’s prediction is to be believed, I may soon have an entire phone dedicated to photo apps?the iPhone 5, which will include Core Image and its newly-released long list of image control features for iOS 5. The new CI features will give iOS 5 developers more to work with and less to create from scratch, meaning easier filter creation and thus easier app creation.

The list of filters added to Core Image since beta 1 include CIGaussianGradient, CILuminosityBlendMode, CIRadialGradient, CIVibrance, CIToneCurve and more. As MG Siegler comments, “if an app has camera functionality, many more will now likely include [filters] because, why not?” The next iPhone is rumored to have a new sensor to go with its 8 megapixel camera. When the hardware gets better and the CI basics get better, the next logical step is that the resulting apps will be better as well. [image: Apple App Store featured “camera and photography” apps]