The Jury Voted 9-3 In Favor Of Google Against Oracle

Posted May 24, 2012

Yesterday we reported that the jury voted in favor of Google. As part of a follow-up to that article, I just wanted to add that the jury was split 9-3 in favor of Google. Jury foreman Greg Thompson spent time answering questions for reporters while Oracle’s lawyers had listened quietly. It turns out that Oracle did not have a chance to win all along. Oracle had to convince the jury that some portions of their Java APIs can be classified as protected. Google uses these APIs as the foundation for the Android operating system. Judge William Alsup even prompted to consider Java APIs as being copyrighted.

?A lot of the jurors were focused on functionality versus creativity,? stated Thompson. He added that the majority was ?putting greater weight on functionality.? However the jury was not too pleased with how Google relied heavily on a blog post that was written by former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz. Schwartz’s blog post congratulated Google on Android’s launch. Thompson said ?we felt like it wasn?t a good business practice to rely on a blog ? Some of us had an underlying feeling that Google had done something that wasn?t right.?

The jury couldn’t see Java APIs as being a protected art. ?The more tech savvy a person is, the more difficult it might be to convince them of something that would limit [technology]? and future expansion of the common good,? said Thompson.