The KeyMe iPhone App Can Store Your Physical Key Design In The Cloud

Posted Aug 9, 2013

If you are prone to losing your physical keys for your house or apartment, you will likely have to pay a locksmith a bit of money to replace it.  Or you may have to get your locks changed altogether in some situations.  The KeyMe iPhone app lets you take a design of your key anywhere you go if you have your iPhone with you.  The KeyMe app will also store instructions for the locksmith on how to cut a new key.  KeyMe does this by scanning your keys on the front and back so that it is easy to get a duplicate made.

To scan a key, users will have to place it on a white background and hold the iPhone 4 inches from it.  The application scans the front and back of the key to make sure it is a good fit.  The KeyMe app will only work on keys that are scanned with that requirement.  KeyMe uses dual verification including a credit card verification to add to the security of the app.  KeyMe does not store information alongside data that could tell someone where you live.

The KeyMe app is currently only available on the iPhone.  An Android version and Windows Phone version is coming soon.