The Last Typewriter Will Be Sold This Year

Posted Apr 26, 2011

[photo credit: kartik_mistry]

I remember back in 1997, my older brother was applying to a few universities using a typewriter. The electromechanical device he used seemed intriguing, but looked like it was such a nuisance. After all the typewriter has been around for 124 years since being invented in 1873 and there were far advanced technologies that existed for filling out college applications. It turns out that the typewriter will officially be phased out this year. It feels like an end of an era.

The Godrej and Boyce factory in Mumbai, India stopped manufacturing the typewriter in 2009 and they have been unloading their leftover inventory ever since. About twenty years ago, they were selling roughly 50,000 per year. However they have been selling about 800 per year in recent times. Christopher Latham Sholes has been credited for inventing the first practical modern typewriter and patented it in 1868. Sholes produced the first typewriter with S.W. Soule and G. Glidden in 1873.