The Let’s Date App Now Has A Wingman Feature

Posted Mar 8, 2013

The Let’s Date app now has a Wingman feature.  The app lets men and women that are not looking to date themselves browse the app’s dating pool and share dater cards with their single friends.  The Wingman product lets anyone be a matchmaker to their friends using the app.

Let’s Date launched last month and about one-fourth of their users have gone on actual dates within two weeks of downloading the app.  Let’s Date helped set up 60,000 actual dates in the last 2 months alone.

Users can designate themselves as a Wingman under the preferences section of the app.  The Wingman can browse the Let’s Date dating pool by scrolling through dater cards.  When they see a dater that their friend may be interested in, they can share the dater card with their friends through e-mail, SMS, or Twitter.

The Daters on Let’s Date will not see a Wingman’s cards and a Wingman cannot message in the app or go on dates.  But they can take credit for their matchmaking skills.  The Let’s Date app keeps track of how many of the cards their friends say “Let’s Date” to.  The most successful wingmen can earn badges and rewards.

The Let’s Date app is free and it lets you find the best dates by studying reactions to dating profiles and actual dates to learn who your best match is.  Let’s Date was founded by Sean Suhl (founder of Suicide Girls) and is a Science Inc. company.  There are 1 million “Let’s Date” or “No Thanks” actions within Let’s Date.  Users send around 200,000 messages to each other per day.