The Microsoft Kinect is being used for guarding the Korean border

Posted Feb 4, 2014

One of the most heavily guarded borders in the world is the one that separates North Korea and South Korea. One of the technologies being used for guarding the border is the Microsoft Kinect. Jae Kwan Ko is a South Korean programmer that developed the Kinect-based software for monitoring the Demilitarized Zone that separates the two countries. The technology was deployed at the border last August. The technology can be used for detecting the difference between animals and humans too. If a human is detected, then the outpost will be notified. The sensor would be able to detect heart rates and heat in the future, which means that the Kinect guard will be upgraded to the Xbox One version eventually. The Xbox One has not been released in South Korea yet.
[Sources: Kotaku/Hankooki]