The Mobile App Market Will Be As Big As The Internet

Posted Jul 20, 2009

Ilja Laurs, CEO of of GetJar, a top independent app store, said that apps will be as big if not bigger than the Internet at the MobileBeat conference in San Francisco. He said that the economics of mobile apps are a different story. According to him, roughly 90% of app developers fail. He says there are simply too many applications out at the time.

Apple’s App store now hosts over 65,000 applications. Its very hard to reach the top of a category when you are competing against that many apps. Most top selling iPhone apps are a one hit wonder. They get popular for a short time and then lose traction. So its becoming increasingly difficult to build a solid business model around the App store.

Lee Williams of the Symbian Foundation thinks that that Apple’s current App store is flawed because its a mixed bag of apps. He feels that there are simply too many low quality apps in the store.

Google on the other hand feels that the App store is a fad. Google says that consumers will set their focus away from native mobile apps to browser based apps.