The More Coverage Facebook Gets, The Less Interested I Get

Posted Aug 29, 2007

When I subscribed to Time magazine through a solid deal that a Best Buy cashier promised me, I signed away my credit card with the intention that it will provide me information that related to current events, not things that I already know about. 

The cover page of this past Time magazine had a picture of Mother Teresa and the cover title was The Secret Life Of Mother Teresa, so how come when I turn to page 54, I find myself reading redundant news about Facebook’s refusal of Yahoo!’s $1 billion offer, controversial News Feed feature, and how it evolved from a Harvard University directory?  This information was already known in 2006.  The year, 2007, is 3 months away and between the old news coverage of Facebook and reading about Digg’s overhyped homepage redesign, I find myself slightly agreeing with Mark Cuban.

Does anyone agree with me when I say that I fear for America’s web technology future?  Innovation needs to persevere once again.  Where is the next Wales,’ Roses,’ Zuckerbergs,’ Jobs,’ Pages’ and Brins’, Yangs’ and Filos,’ and Gates’ today?  Under a rock?  Someone needs to make a further impact so that Time has something fresher to talk about.