The Mysterious Google X Lab

Posted Nov 14, 2011

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has a research and development lab that many employees do not know about called Google X. There are over hundreds of projects including dinner plates, robots that fetch groceries, and smart refrigerators.

An unknown Google engineer says that the lab is run mysteriously in 2 different office buildings. One of the buildings is for logistics and the other is for robotics. Sergey Brin is heavily involved in the labs projects. Scientists that have been hired from Microsoft, Nokia, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and NYU work on the day-to-day projects in the Google labs.

The Google Lab is supposedly headed by Sebastian Thrun, who is best known for developing the world’s first driverless car. Andrew Ng, an A.I. expert and Stanford professor is also believed to be working at the Google lab.

Some of the ideas created at Google X may not see the light of day, but others may go on to lead a revolution such as the driverless cars idea.

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