The New Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld Ad Is Funny. The New PC vs. Mac Ad Was Pretty Bad.

Posted Sep 12, 2008

“Chinese delivery.  Whoa two of the most accomplished guys in their respected fields on Earth, $39.75 dudes.”  The above ad is actually entertainment and pretty amusing.  It seems like Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is taking a slapstick approach to their advertising.  The ad is a little different but it has people talking about it.  And that is obviously the point behind them.

“These advertisements by tech pundits and the media savvy public are being evaluated on the merits of standard 30-second commercials,” wrote Mark Hopkins.  “These aren?t commercials, though. This is sponsored theater.” 

Microsoft’s ads are immediately compared to Apple’s PC vs. Mac ads.  Apple needs to start doing something about their ad campaign.  The PC vs. Mac ads are losing their appeal.  The last PC vs. Mac ad was just awful: