The New York Times Creates A Leap Motion Controller App

Posted Jul 19, 2013

Leap Motion is a device that uses physical gestures to control applications.  The Leap Motion controller was delayed a few times, but it is now expected to ship along with an app store on July 22nd.  One of the applications that will be available for download on Leap Motion’s app stores is The New York Times.  The New York Times will have a “Top News” app for Leap Motion customers that uses hand gestures to read the articles.

Story cards within the app can be scrolled through by dragging a finger.  You can make a small and circular motion with your hand while reading to scroll up and down.  When you shake your hand, it will exit the article and jump back to the marquee of cards.

If the app becomes popular enough, The New York Times general manager of core digital products Paul Smurl will add more content and a login system for subscribers.  Over 100 apps will be featured in the Airspace App Store.  The Leap Motion controller costs $79.99 with $7.99 shipping.