The New York Times Launches Tumblr Blog With Old Photos

Posted Feb 29, 2012

The New York Times has launched a new Tumblr blog that is dedicated to old photos. The Tumblr blog is called The Lively Morgue and it launched this past Monday. The photos are in black and white. The blog is called The Lively Morgue because the images are being grabbed from the physical photo “morgue” where millions of pictures are stored in filing cabinets and manila folders.

This project was many months in the making. There are no specific reasons for what pictures are used other than “We’ve chosen images that delight us,” said the New York Times in their intro post.

The Lively Morgue allows you to buy prints for $169. The back of each paid photo includes information about how much the freelancers were paid to take the photos, what captions were published with the photo, and the sequence numbers. According to the introductory post, the New York Times could post about 5-10 archived images per day and they would still have enough to spare by the year 3935.