The Ninja Standing Desk Lets You Set Up A Workstation While On The Go

Posted Mar 9, 2013

The average person spends about 9 hours per day sitting at a desk.  This is not healthy at all.  Obesity levels in the United States is very high so the team behind the Ninja Standing Desk wanted to address the issue.  The Ninja Standing Desk is the first portable sit and stand desk, which is perfect for travelers.  The Ninja Standing Desk weighs under five pounds and can be stored away in a bag the size of a laptop.

You just need a door, wall, or cubicle to hang the Ninja Standing Desk on.  If you get tired of standing, then you can add a third shelf and sit down as you work.  Each shelf supports 30 pounds.

“When I was a kid I dreamed of growing up to become a ninja. Now poor computer working ergonomics won?t keep me from that very dream!” stated inventor Dan McDonley.

The Ninja Standing Desk was designed and built at TechShop in San Francisco and was built entirely in the United States.  The Ninja Standing Desk uses T9 military grade aluminum support poles and is strong enough to hold any computer workstation.

You can buy a 2 shelf Ninja Standing Desk for $159 or a 3 shelf Ninja Standing Desk for $219.